Friday, September 28

America's Mayor Seeks Understanding

Presidential Candidate and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said in an interview that some people were being too judgmental about his personal life, especially the fact that he has been married three times. In seeking a more understanding attitude he cited the biblical story of the prostitute who was brought before Jesus to be stoned to death. “Let you who are without sin cast the first stone,” said Our Savior as the accusers slunk away.

Later, when polling showed that this position was costing him votes, Giuliani said his position on the stoning of prostitutes had evolved. “Since 9-11 I don’t think we can take any chances with prostitutes or other terrorists,” said Giuliani at the annual convention of the National Prostitute Stoners Association. “We’ve got to stone them, and stone them hard, before they start stoning us.”

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Tallulah Morehead said...

Jim darling,

You're back! I thought you were dead.

Poor Rudy. Three marraiges is barely getting a running start at matrimony, and I speak as someone who has been married 10 or more times. (I lost count ages ago.) Some of my best friends have been married three times. Why I'll bet even you are initimately acquainted with a man with three marriages to his record.

I suspect that Rudy won't stop until he's been married 911 times, as he is unable to open his mouth without the numbers 9-11 coming out of his mouth. He probably even says stuff like, "I'm running down to the corner 9-11 store for a pack of smokes."

And it's time he faced the fact that he is NOT "America's Mayor". He's America's Gasbag.

Cheers darling.