Sunday, May 2

Risked his life for Theater!

That's right, I went to Times Square last night to see a show. So this is what it's like being a New Yorker. Nancy and I are on a bus heading down Seventh Avenue when the driver announces "All traffic is being stopped at 49th street." Then he adds casually "There’s some kinda fire, I guess." So what's the first thing that pops into our mind? "Terrorists?" No. "WMD?" No. "Are we going to make the opening curtain?" You bet.

We de-bus and start schlepping down 7th until we hit a roadblock. Cops are everywhere and looking down the Avenue we see...nothing. No cars, no pedestrians, no pedi-cabs, no nothing. Spooky. We speed-walk over to Eighth Avenue while trying not to look at our watches every 30 seconds and thank God Eighth is open. We jam down to 42nd Street, weave over to the theater and breathlessly hand over our tickets. It is 8:05 and the doors to the auditorium are closed, always a bad sign, but an usher rushes us in and we plop in our seats just as the curtain goes up.

What a night.

By the way the show was Everyday Rapture and I highly recommend it. But go on a non-bomb scare night.