Thursday, June 9

Celebrity soundalikes

I'm a bit of a news junkie and recently I was reading the New York Times while I had a 24-hour news channel on the TV. How geeky is that?

Anyway, I wasn't paying close attention to the broadcast but when I thought I heard "Now let's go to Montel Williams for this report" I had to put down my paper and listen up. Had the popular talk show host suddenly become a reporter? It turned out it was actually a reporter named Mantill Williams.

This made me think of some of the people I know with names that sound close to the name of a celebrity.

For example I know a local carpenter named Tim Cruise and, oddly enough, he is dating junior high school student Katie Helms.

My sister uses a home decorator named Georg W. Busche who is only too happy to tell you his plan for an Extreme Makeover with North Korea. Or is it North Crimea?

And there's the guy who works in the Communications System Maintenance Department at work, Russell Throwe. He fixes the phones when they have been mistreated.

Somehow I can't help feeling that this is all part of some Higher Plan. I'll have to run that by my spiritual advisor and bartender, Pops Benedict XVI.


Happy and Blue said...

Nice site. I got here from the Langa newsletter.
I read through a number of your posts. You have a good sense of humor. I'll check back.

Pete said...

Same here...the langalist is a good link to have. If you like,check our Union Local 157c blog (maintained by me so far) and let me know what you think. Thanks!