Thursday, June 2


In a recent post I implied that politicians will take any position to please voters. In the spirit of fairness I have asked local assemblyman Stan Mentira to respond:

"There are those who say that politicians will take any position to please voters. And there are those who say they won't. Both sides have merit, and who is to say which has the more valid argument. There is good and bad in both positions, and one could or could not support either.

"On the one hand those in public service might posit that it is sometimes necessary to enhance the truth to engender support. On the other hand concerned citizens have a right to expect a certain level of honesty from those to whom they entrust the government.

"That said, let me make it perfectly clear by stating in no uncertain terms that my principals will remain flexible no matter how politically expedient it would be to follow one course or the other or perhaps a third or fourth, or even..."

Okay, that's enough. End of rebuttal.

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lizinsr said...

My first impulse was to giggle - but then I realized it's too true to be funny. (sigh)