Tuesday, May 31

Swimming With The Sharks

There was a recent news story saying the local aquatic park was giving people a chance to swim with sharks.

Imagine how excited the kids are going to be to hear that. "C'mon, Johnny and Judy, we're going to go swimming with man eating fish. Remember all those tuna sandwiches you've eaten over the years? Well, we're going to give the seafood a chance for some payback."

Have we reached the point where we are so jaded that this is what it takes to get a little thrill in our lives? What's next?

  • Driving with the drunks? "Get on board with Uncle Charlie at the wheel. He's got a six pack under the seat, a bottle of gin in the glove box and he's a-hankerin' to give Smokey a run for his money."

  • Eating with the E. Coli? "Only sissies wash their chicken parts. Just throw 'em in the pan, and don't cook 'em too long, either. "

  • Voting with the vacuous... Oh, wait. We already tried that.

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