Tuesday, May 17

Ripped from the headlines

I like those Law and Order shows because many of the plots are thinly disguised version of recent news events. They come right out and say the stories are "ripped from the headlines".

What if some other shows were ripped from the headlines?

"Tonight on Everybody Loves Raymond -- Ripped from the headlines -- Raymond's nomination as Ambassador to the United Nations is brought into question because of his belligerent attitude toward female co-workers. Hilarity ensues."

"This Wednesday on Alias -- Ripped from the headlines -- Sydney's wedding plans hit a snag when she gets cold feet and falsifies a kidnapping report to escape the altar. Blames kidnapping on Hispanic African American Illegal Aliens -- and Rambaldi ."

"The O.C. simmers this week when -- Ripped from the headlines -- Ryan finds a severed finger in his chili and Sandy files a multi-million dollar lawsuit, only to find the finger was put there as a prank by Seth, The Ironist."

"Tonight on Martha Stewart Living - Ripped from the headlines -- Martha, under house arrest, must never, ever leave her house under any circumstances..." Oh, never mind that one. No one would believe it.

"Next on The West Wing -- Ripped from the headlines -- The heir apparent of a Major World Power marries his mistress of 62 years to universal..." Nah, too weird.

"Tonight on Fox News - Ripped from the..." Skip it. No one would believe that, either.

This ripped from the headlines stuff is harder than it looks.

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