Tuesday, May 24

Rebel Without A...Whatever

I came home the other day to find my son watching the movie "Rebel Without A Cause".

Aha, I thought, a chance to bond, so I sat down to watch with him.

It soon became evident that the version he was watching was quite different from the version I remember watching 40 years ago, when I was his age.

That movie was about a group of misunderstood teens whose foolish, feckless fathers prevented them from realizing their true potential.

This version seemed to be about a group of wise, judicious fathers trying to prevent their teen-aged children from ruining their lives by making bad choices.

Perhaps it was one of those re-edited, family friendly films.

"That's a pretty intense film", I said when it ended. "Much more thoughtful than what you usually watch. Maybe you're growing up a little bit."

"Yeah, I guess. We had to watch it for History class. We're studying the Fifties."

Now I am faced with the disturbing fact that years during which I actually lived have become the subject of historical study.

It makes me feel feckless.

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