Tuesday, May 10


I have a dear friend whom shall remain nameless, whom occasionally informs me of some typographical or gramatical error that I've made in these postings. I do my own profreading (and I think I do a petty good job]. Once in a while I allow a misque, but honesty, I don"t thik I let two many errors to get though.

Be that is it may, I want to thank Douglas - OH, DAM! I said he would remain nameless. I gotta start reeding this stuff over before posting it, but I ask you __ whose got the tiem/

Forgive me, anonymous blog chekcer Douglas - dammit, said his name again. I beter quit while im a head.

Now, let me just run the spelchekcer on this and...Crap! Well, I don't have time to fix all that.

Ahh, the heck with it. Nobody will notice.

Except you-kno-wwho.

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Lizinsr said...

Hah! I remember what Douglas's (oops, I mean that nameless person's) spelling was like before Spell Check! I remember reading his "Seymour" scripts & wanting desperately to proofread before they went anywhere. It could be painful.