Friday, May 6

Ghraiby Prison Blues

I see the incidents at Abu Ghraib prison are back in the news. This got me thinking - How come we don't hear any good old fashioned prison songs anymore?

I see the guard a-comin'
This torment will not cease
It looks like Lyndie England
And I think she brought the leash.
I'm stuck in Abu Ghraiby
Way down in Baghdad town.
I know I got some trouble -
They brought the cam'ras round.
  Now I'm standin' with some
Other naked guys in line.
Soon you'll see my picture
In the New York Times.
I’m incommunicado
And posing 'gainst my will.
And what’s with all this "Say Cheese"?
When dairy makes me ill.
  When I was a young man
My mother said "Hey, son
"Don't you be a Shiite,
"Sunnis have more fun."
What would she say if she could see me
Doing this naked dance?
"Next time you go to prison,
"Put on a pair of pants!"

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