Sunday, May 29

The Paris Letter

I saw this play the other night called "The Paris Letter". I knew nothing about the play but as I watched I realized that just a little bit beneath the surface there were gay overtones in the script.

If you are a follower of this blog you know that I don't always see gayness in the world around me. Not until intermission, when I noticed the line at the men's room was so much longer than the line at the ladies', did I realized that perhaps I had once again been bitten by the bug of unawareness. I might add that the men's room line was populated by extraordinarily good looking young men with faultless taste in clothing.

Of course my wife - that's right, I'm married even though I occasionally attend gay themed theater - knew what was going on right away because she uses the ladies' room and I don't -- ever.

After we sat back down and were waiting for the second half to begin, she was happily chatting up the three fellows sitting on our right, discussing the costumes and lighting, as I was trying to see if anyone knew the score of the Yankee game.

Anyway, the play turned out to be pretty good and I did enjoy it, even though it had nothing - whatsoever - do to with my own personal life experience at all, I swear.

I have to admit, though, I'm relieved that the next show we're going to see is a musical. I guess don't have to worry too much about missing anything gay in one of those. There's nothing straighter than a Broadway musical.

It's this show about a nightclub owner in France who's son is getting married. A nice wholesome family show. Just what I need.

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