Friday, October 19

Congressional Math

I was somewhat dismayed to see that the House Of Representatives had not overridden President Bush’s veto of the Children’s Healthcare bill. This was a bill that would have extended child healthcare benefits to families at higher income levels.

Republicans were outraged because they felt that rich families should pay for their own healthcare. As one Republican lawmaker put it “If this passes families making $60,000 a year would qualify for child healthcare.”

My question is this: Is a family making $60,000 a year rich?

I suppose to a family of 4 making $20,650 a year (the official poverty level) $60,000 seems rich. But to a Congressman making $165,200 a year? That's nearly $85 an hour based on a 40 hour work week. Oh, right. This is Congress. Better make that a 4 hour work week. $850 an hour.

When you think about it $60,000 isn’t even enough to buy a house.

$60,000 isn’t enough to put your kid through college.

An for sure $60,000 isn’t enough to buy a Congressman.

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Tallulah Morehead said...

You just failed to see the whole quote on Bush's "No Child Left Behind" plan. It's full title is "No Child Left Behind in the Hospital."

You see, sick kids are depressing, and Bush wants America's children to be happy, so screw the sick kids. If a medium-income kid gets cancer and wants treatment, let him get a job, the sick little 3 year old freeloader!