Wednesday, November 14

A Bridge To The Past

When Norman Mailer died I thought of two of his books, Miami and the Siege of Chicago and Armies of the Night. Both of these are about politics, the Vietnam War, and the Age of Protest.

What I like to call My Youth.

In those day people took to the streets to confront their government when their government got bogged down in an ill-conceived war that seemed to have no end in sight. We rallied, we marched, we protested.

"Hell no, we won't go!"

"One, two, three, four! We don't want your fucking war!."

"Hey, hey, LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?"

Those were the days.

Today I read about some Bridge Players who were being disciplined because they held up a sign at a tournament reading "We didn't vote for Bush."

"We didn't vote for Bush." Pretty radical.

Now they are being accused of treason and sedition.

So here we are, four and a half years into another ill-conceived war with no end in sight.

And the only people protesting belong not to the Students for a Democratic Society or the Youth International Party, but to the American Contract Bridge League?

What does that say about our country?

Polls say most Americans don't support the war. So where are they?

I guess they decided to pass this hand.

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Douglas McE said...

And let us not forget that 33 years ago an Evil Republican President had to flee the White House in disgrace before he could be removed from office and sent to the prison cell he deserved simply for covering up a couple crimes comitted by his re-election posse.

Now we have another Evil Republican President, who stole the office outright from the winner of the election - what in Pakistan is currently called a coup - and he's not even facing impeachment! The man HIJACKED The United States of America through highly-placed criminal accomplices, including his brother, and his father's and "Uncle Ron's" supreme court appointees, who tossed out the Constitution to sit their puppet on our throne, and WE LET THEM!

We have a criminal illegally in the presidency. Why hasn't he been impeached and sent to prison, along with the judges who put him there? They are all traitors to this country. Instead, people are labelled disloyal for noting that the Emporer's New Clothes are stolen and soaked in blood. Where have we seen this before? Oh yes, Germany in the 1930s. Only then, the scapegoats were gays and Jews. Now it's gays and arabs.

Somewhere in Hell, Nixon is laughing.