Sunday, January 19

The Ole Man Goes A Shoppin'

Although I don't see it myself, evidently I am beginning to appear to others as if I am getting – How shall I put it? -- old. This was brought home to me the other day when I was in the checkout lane at my local supermarket buying a quart of milk. As I approached the clerk, a young woman in her twenties, looked up at me, paused a moment, and asked, “Are you a Senior?”

Somewhat confused I replied “A Senior what?” As far as I know I haven't been a Senior anything since I graduated from college, so I wasn't quite sure what she was getting at.

She gave me a concerned look and said, “On Tuesdays there is a ten percent discount for Seniors.”

“Ah,” I said. “Is it Tuesday already?”

“Yes,” she perked, then went on slowly and carefully, “Today is Tuesday.”

Speaking equally slowly and carefully I replied, “So that would make tomorrow Wednesday then.”

“Right,” she said, like a Kindergarten teacher speaking to her prize pupil. Fortunately she did not make me name the rest of the days of the week, and pleasantly gave me twelve cents off my milk.

A couple of weeks later it was Tuesday again so I headed over to the market for some more milk and maybe a loaf of bread. I got to the checkout where a different clerk, a young man, stood.

"I'm a Senior," I said modestly.

"And?" he inquired.

"Um, well, you know...The discount..."

"Oh, yeah. That. Well, they changed that so you don't get the discount unless you spend twenty dollars."

"Oh. Well, okay then." I handed him a five and waited for my change.

"Sorry about the discount," he said as he handed me the two dollars and thirty-seven cents. "But, you know, you don't really look old enough for the senor discount anyway."

Even though I didn't get the discount, I somehow found my self smiling for the rest of the day.


pbenjay said...

LOL Peter gets upset when a young girl offers him a seat on the bus! AND you don't look like a senior.m

Douglas McEwan said...

No one ever says I don't look like a Senior. (Not even when I was 20.) Last time I went to the movies, I was offered the "Dead For a Month" Discount and asked if my pallbearers needed tickets also.

And you certainly do look way younger than I do, even though you're older. (Oh yes you are.) Got a painted portrait of yourself aging and rotting away, hidden in your attic?

Got an attic?