Friday, March 18

Germans on the train

This morning I somehow got on a subway car full of Germans. First I noticed a young man and young woman holding an animated conversation in German. He was reading from a tabloid and translating to her (“Das Jacksonmichael ist ein kiddentoucher”). Then from across the aisle another young man joined in and from halfway down the car I heard a shouted response, all in German. Soon there we a dozen 20-something men and women Sprechen Sie Deutsches all over the car.

When the train was held between station with an “unavoidable delay” I thought “Schtoppen Trainen” (I may have muttered it out loud – I did get some odd looks).

As we pulled into the next station the doors opened and, I swear, accordion music was playing some Danube-esque air. It was as if I had been transported back to Berlin on that day Greta and I rode the U-Bahn to the Gesellschaft GrĂ¼n…Okay, I’ve never been to Berlin, but it was still an odd experience.

As we got to Grand Central and the Germans boisterously spilled out of the train I was tempted to shout out “Auf Wiedersehen” but resisted (I think I resisted. I may have muttered again.) I hope they enjoy their time in New York. They made my morning interesting.

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