Monday, October 24


The other night I was watching the television program Alias with my teenage son. It is one of the few things we do together these days. At his age you don't really want to hang around with your old man much (I know I didn't), but we both have enjoyed this show for several years now. The plots are intriguing and that Jennifer Garner is sure easy on the eyes.

For those who are not familiar with the show, Ms. Garner is the heroine. She plays a CIA agent, and this season both she and her character are pregnant. I must say it is a bit disconcerting to see a pregnant woman dangling from some precipice while firing away at the bad guys with an automatic. It is certainly something you won't see on many other shows, although if I know television, next season there will be a plethora of adventuresses-with-child battling evil doers everywhere

During a commercial interruption I casually asked of no one in particular, "I wonder how many pregnant CIA agents there are in real life?"

"I don't know," replied my son. "Maybe we should ask Karl Rove. I'm sure he'd be glad to tell anyone who'll listen."

These dulcet tones of political cynicism almost brought a tear to my eye.

They grow up so fast these days.

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