Wednesday, April 12

For Crying Out Loud

I was cruising around the radio dial the other night when I heard this statement come wafting across the airwaves:

"I didn't vote for Kerry because he shot himself in the leg so he could get a Purple Heart."

A year and a half after the election and they're still humping this lie? What's wrong with these people? It's not enough they won the election? Why do they still feel it's necessary to malign their opponent?

I guess they feel they can take pride in the fact that their candidate has never had any questions raised about his Purple Heart because ...

Oh, right. I almost forgot.

He was AWOL at the time.

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SuzanH said...

O.k., I completely do not understand the venomous hatred the right fills itself with. Amazing, isn't it, the vicious satisfaction people can glean from beating a dead horse.