Thursday, May 4

Our National Anthem

I'm not sure if I got this right, but I thought I heard on the radio that people were singing the National Anthem in Yiddish! Based on my experience with night club comics and The Nanny I can only imagine what that must be like:

Oy vey, can you see
What we kvelled at last night?
In the twilight's last glow
Not a shmatte we're hailing.
Yes the stripes were so broad
And the stars were just right
With such shpilkes we watched
It so gallantly sailing!
And the rockets' red glitz,
The bombs plotzing a schvitz,
Gave nakhes in the night
That our flag there still sits:
Oy vey, does that spangling star banner wave yet
If not then I know that we'll all be ferklempt.

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