Saturday, May 13

A Small Amount

My local NPR station was doing it's fund raising this week. They always say things like "If you pledge $75 it's only twenty cents a day" or "Just $365 - only a dollar a day." when they are asking for money. Spreading the cost out like that it makes it seem like it's not so much. They never say "That's $750 over 10 years" or "In five years that will add up to almost $2,000!"

The government should try spreading out the cost of the war in Iraq. Now all we hear is "It is costing over 5 billion dollars a week." That sounds pretty expensive.

Let's get out the calculator and see what we can do to help our government out.

Okay, here, you can put it as "Only $177 million a day..." Well, I guess that's still a lot.

But how about "Isn't it worth $122,820 per minute..."

No, still sounds too high.

Let's try "For a mere $2,047 per second..."

$2,047 per second?!!!

Man, this freaking war is getting expensive!

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