Sunday, September 10

Dramatic License

ABC is airing a new miniseries called "The Path To 9/11". Many of the people who were actually involved in this period are upset because ABC has chosen to present the information in a way that is not entirely accurate. ABC claims that since the program is a dramatization it has no obligation to stick to the truth.

Here are a few more non-factual dramatizations that ABC is planning for this season.

1. "Massah Abe" which explores the path to Civil War while showing Abraham Lincoln as the owner of over two dozen slaves. Making Lincoln a hypocritical dealer in human chattel was deemed to have more dramatic appeal than just being a silly old Great Emancipator.

2. "The Eight Commandments" which shows Moses leading his people through the desert to escape from Egypt and receiving the Law of God on Mount Ararat. For the sake of the dramatic flow it was decided that ten was too many commandments so those "covet" ones were left out.

3. "George W. Bush: The Path To Legendocialness" which tracks our beloved 43rd president in his fast-track rise to power culminating in his overwhelming victory in the 2000 election, winning all 50 states, and dynamic re-election in 2004, winning all 52 states.

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