Thursday, September 21

What's in a name?

The other day President Bush said he would never question the patriotism of someone who disagreed with him. As an example of people who disagree with him he offered those who were not vigorous enough in their support of The Patriot Act.

How can you say you're not questioning someone's patriotism while at the same time complaining that they don't support The Patriot Act?

I don't blame the President, though. Congress should be more careful when it comes to giving names to these Acts of theirs.

For example right now Congress is trying to decide what kind of treatment detainees can be subjected to. Suppose they pass a bill that would allow guard dogs to attack prisoners so they would be more cooperative. This bill would probably be called something like The Warm Puppies For Detainees Act.

Now, most reasonable people would not favor allowing guard dogs to attack people in jail. But in a post 9/11 world you have to ask yourself just what kind of sick pervert would oppose Warm Puppies For Detainees?

Why, those dirty, low-down traitors who disagree with the President, that's who.

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