Tuesday, October 24

Off Course

Washington, DC (JDT) - President Bush has now declared that he will no longer use the term "Stay The Course".

“Stay the course means keep doing what you’re doing,” Mr. Bush said. “My attitude is, don’t do what you’re doing if it’s not working; change.”

"In other words", explained Presidential Phrase Adviser Winston Smith in a follow-up interview, "Stay The Course means Change The Course."

He added: “Stay the course also means don’t leave before the job is done. And not leaving before the job is done means don't bother to finish the job before leaving.”

In addition to his duties as advisor to the President, Mr. Smith is also a member of the White House speech writing staff. He is currently working on a speech Mr. Bush plans to deliver immediately following the upcoming Congressional elections.

The title of that speech?

"Losing Means Winning".

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