Wednesday, October 11

Young Democracy

At his recent press conference President Bush declared, in reference to Iraq, “We're helping this young democracy succeed.”

Exactly what kind of help are we giving this young democracy?

USA76: yo, dude wassup

SUNNIBOY: scrounging for food brb

USA76: kool

SUNNIBOY: Not really. I actually have to scrounge for food. Also clean water and electricity.

USA76: lol!

SUNNIBOY: It’s frustrating trying to survive here now.

USA76: maybe u need a massage


USA76: u no. 2 help u rlx

SUNNIBOY: We can’t relax until we have established a stable government.

USA76: what color r ur underpants

SUNNIBOY: I'm not wearing underpants.

USA76: ummmmmmmmmmmm

SUNNIBOY: That's another thing we have to scrounge for.

USA76: then what r u wearing

SUNNIBOY: That has no relevance to the issue at hand.

USA76: speaking if the issue at hand, y dont u get a ruler and

SUNNIBOY: This conversation is is starting to make me uncomfortable.

USA76: whats the matter? too over friendly?

SUNNIBOY: You could say that. oh oh. brb…insurgents are yelling

USA76: r they in their last throes

SUNNIBOY: haha. not likely.

USA76: talk tomorrow?

SUNNIBOY: Whatever.

USA76: ok. b4n. lol. e pluribus unum.

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