Wednesday, April 4

Sherlock Holmes - Part 2

My recent posting about Sherlock Holmes generated quite a bit of interest, and made me wonder what it would be like for Arthur Conan Doyle to sell the idea today.

"Come on in, Art. I'm Sid Tishman, deputy sub assistant for project acquisitions. Whaddya got for me?"

"Well, it's the story of a private consulting detective..."

"Private eye, eh? Not bad. Right now there's only Monk, and he's a little too eccentric for my taste. Your guy isn't eccentric, is he?"

"Well, he plays the violin..."

"We'll lose that in a hurry. Unless we can build some kind of weapon into the violin. Yeah! That'll work. A violin with an automatic weapon in it. 'Stradivarius, P.I.' What do you think?"

"Actually, his name is Sherlock Holmes."

"Sherlock Holmes? Sounds like a burglar alarm. Holmes isn't bad, though. But Chad Holmes, maybe. 'There's No Place Like Holmes. P.I.' What do you think? Chad Holmes and his sexy assistant, Brandie."

"Dr. Watson."


"His assistant is named Dr. Watson."

"Nah, nah, nah. That won't work. There's already too many medical shows. You got your House, your ER, your Grey's...Plus our new reality show Who Wants To Take Out My Kidney. Nope, no medical. How about we make it Brandie Watson?"

"I don't know about..."

"Good! Now, can he see ghosts?"


"It's the latest. Crime busting clairvoyant ghost chasers. Can he do that?"

"There was a hound once that was rather spectral."

"Spectral! I love it! 'Spectral Stradivarius, P.I.' They'll eat it up."

"Look, old fellow, I'm not at all sure..."

"It's a done deal. I'll have my people get in touch with your people and we'll go from there."

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