Tuesday, February 4

Common Question

I was in my neighborhood used book store, looking through a bin of CDs labeled "Musical Oddities", when I came across something called "Common Question: a Country Music Salute to the LGBTQ Community." Intrigued, I invested the $2.99 and eagerly took the disc home.

Among several interesting cuts was a Lady Gaga composition performed by Billy Ray Joe, an older Country star who, I believe, was trying to make a comeback after several decades in rehab. Some of you may remember Billy Ray's signature hits "More Whiskey, Jesus" and "Get The Hell Out Of My Way" from several years ago.

In any case, I found the number quite compelling. Due to copyright restrictions, I can't play the entire song here, but I can provide this clip which, I think, gives an idea of the motif he was going for.

Click on the play button to hear the song.

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James Mulvey said...

Best $2.99 you ever spent!