Thursday, February 23

In Defense Of G. W. Bush

There seems to be a lot of unnecessary controversy about George W. Bush’s plan to allow a company owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates to manage several U.S. seaports. In this case I have to support our President. I don’t see any problem with a company owned by the United Arab Emerates managing our seaports. In fact, I would propose an expansion of this plan to include managing our airports, too.


“Can we hurry this up, I’m late for my plane. Here are my watch, keys, and nail clippers for the…Hey, where’s the x-ray machine?”

“Oh, we got rid of those. No sense in slowing people down is there, my infidel American friend?”

“Well, no, I guess not. What about my shoes?”

“Leave them on, no problem. What gate are you? Oh, gate 5. Relax, you’ll be there in plenty of time. Meanwhile, can I interest you in a hand gun?”

“Hand gun!?”

“Yes, I have Smith & Wesson, Glock,…”

“Say, do you have a Colt .45?”

“Ahh, the gun that won the West. An excellent choice. I also have a wide variety of knives."

"Do you have The Skinner?"

"Right here. And may I say, you are a man who knows your cutlery."


So Come on, Mr. President. How about having the UAE manage JFK and LAX?

Let's make flying fun and adventurous again!

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