Monday, February 27

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More Protests Against Offensive Cartoons.

HOLLYWOOD (JDT) - Militant members of the speech impediment movement are recruiting an army to protest the portrayal of their group in a series of cartoons appearing on a variety of cable outlets.

Said spokesperson Roger Rabet, "Shtory linesh that demean pershonsh with overly developed overbithsh are eshthpethially offenshive."

Wiping his face Elmo Fadd, recording secretary of WASCAL (We Are Seriously Concerned About Language) added,"There is no weason to bewittow doze who awe wingguisticawwy chowanged."

And perhaps most touching of all was the plaintive cry of press liaison T. Wheaty Byrd:

"“I tawt I taw a tawtless 'toon."

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