Friday, March 10

The Long War

I see that the Bush administration has started referring to the War on Terror as "The Long War". That's a pretty catchy title. Not as alliterative as "World War II" or as descriptive as "The War Between The States", but serviceable.

One thing to consider, though, is if there has been any thought given to how we will know when "The Long War" is over. I only ask because we wartime Americans are being asked to sacrifice a variety of civil liberties, and I think it is only natural to wonder when we’ll know it’s okay for these liberties to be restored.

Will there be a VLW Day like there was VE Day and VJ Day? Will we see jubilant strangers kissing in Times Square? Will there be tickertape parades to welcome back the LW troops?

And just how old will those troops be when they come marching home? Sixty-five? Eighty-five?

Could it be that this will be the first war where the majority of the casualties are caused by old age?

I’d just like to know.

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