Friday, March 17


I confess. I like yogurt. I even have it for lunch once in a while.

Today I pulled back the aluminum seal, took in the tart fragrance, and then licked that thin layer that always clings to the foil. After my tongue had cleared away the viscous peachy paste, I noticed something printed on the underside of the seal.

"Check out", it said. "Real women, real stories, real inspiration."

What's up with that? Don't they think real men with real stories eat yogurt? Is it just some kind of chick dish?

Well, I'm sorry Yogurt, but I can't have my masculinity questioned again. Even though I love you, I'm going to have to give you up.

So tomorrow for lunch I'll be having some good old manly cottage cheese.

And I'm not sharing it with my cat, either.

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