Tuesday, March 7

Wherefore Art Thou, Walmart?

I saw this story in the New York Times about how Walmart is trying to get bloggers to participate in a public relations campaign designed to improve the company's image. Since I had recently written a post somewhat related to Walmart I eagerly checked my email to see if I had been solicited.

No such luck.

I guess if you go a little bit "negative" about Walmart you don't get to be one of the chosen few. That's okay; I'm not about to change my stance on this fine example of American entrepreneurship just to curry favor with the intelligent and perceptive executive who selects these lucky bloggers. After all, I have my dignity to think of. A dignity, I might point out, which I often maintain by donning the fine apparel available at Walmart.

Sure, it would have been flattering to be asked to extol the virtues of the mighty Arkansas retailer, to point out the unbelievable bargains available within it’s hallowed walls, the excellent selection spread out across its voluminous aisles, the indisputable quality of its serendipitous commodities…

Are you listening, Walmart?

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