Thursday, June 19

Is He A Muslim?

His ties to the Muslim community are clear.

There is no doubt.

John McCain has been seen within the past few months associating with several men who have been identified as Muslims.

Here is the proof:

Here is John McCain with so called Iraqi President Jalal Talibani, a well known - you might even say Card-Carrying - Muslim. Sunni or Shiite? Not so well known. I'm not too sure who that other guy is, but he might be a Muslim, too. Who knows?

And here he is with a couple of guys who look an awful lot like Muslims. Some might say that just because they look like Muslims doesn't mean they are Muslims. That, my friend, is September 10 thinking.

This is a Muslim woman voting for McCain in the Florida primary. To be fair, she later said she thought she was voting for Pat Buchanan.

Finally, there is this disturbing picture of McCain conferring with someone named Abdullah. King Abdullah. Notice how McCain is turned away so we can't see what flag pin he is wearing. Red, White, and Green perhaps?

So, is John McCain a Muslim? Sadly, that is not the only question we must ask ourselves. Clearly, we must also ask

Is He A Mormon?

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Reseda Doug said...

"I'm not to[o] sure who that other guy is, but he might be a Muslim, too. Who knows?"

I'm fairly certain the third guy in the first picture is Jewish. But then, I used to think he was a Democrat, and lately, he's been a pretty weird type of Democrat.

Frankly, I'd rather have a Muslim president than a Morman, not that there's much difference. Both believe in having as many wives as you can abduct. But I was raised around Mormons, so I KNOW how conservative they are.

Frankly, I would prefer an atheist president. A realist would be such a nice change. But we'll have a black female Muslim president before we get an atheist president.