Tuesday, June 10

What's in a Middle Name

His middle name is unusual. Not one you commonly hear, although it belongs to some fairly well known people. But still, it is an odd name. Not what you would expect in a regular guy.

That's right, John McCain's middle name is Sidney.

His full name, in fact, is John Sidney McCain III.

That's III.

That means both his father and grandfather had the middle name Sidney.

Coincidence? You be the judge.

And what are the origins of this name? This "Sidney"?


That's right. According to good ole babynames.com "Sidney" is a contraction of Saint Denis.

And according to good ole Wikipedia Saint Denis was a martyr. As in someone willing to give up his life in the expectation of some holy reward.

And exactly how was this Saint Denis martyred?


Willing to die for a holy reward?

Familiar with beheading?

Admired by the French?

Remind you of anyone?

Finally, after examining the best images of Saint Denis available on the Internet it must be concluded that this "martyr" never wore a flag pin on his lapel.

In fact, sometimes he didn't even wear a lapel.

But this is America.

We are a fair country.

We are a balanced country.

We don't hold someone's name, middle or otherwise, against him.

I think we must be open enough to give John Sidney McCain III the benefit of the doubt.

There is no verifiable evidence that he supports religious martyrdom or beheading.


Of course the Main Stream Media hasn't bothered to ask him about it, so we don't really know what he thinks, do we?



KathyR said...

Let the Sidneyboating begin.

Tallulah Morehead said...

I hear that McCain is secretly not a Muslim.

Spread it around; he's a "Secret non-Muslim".

Why is he keeping it secret? To court the Terrorist Vote? What else is he secretly not? Change? Sane? The next president?

Meanwhile, Hilary last week rewrote Yogi Berra: "It ain't over when it's been over for a week."