Thursday, June 26

What Is An American?

There has been some talk among John McCain's supporters that perhaps Barack Obama isn't American enough. You know, unusual name, Kenyan father, Mother from Kansas.

But at least he was born in America. Unlike John McCain, who was born in Panama.

Are we ready for a Panamanian president? If so why isn't Manuel Norieaga running? Or Mariano Rivera?

The Constitution states that only a "natural born" citizen can serve as President. So how does someone born in Panama qualify as a "natural born" citizen? How many electoral votes does Panama have?

Some people say this constitutional restriction doesn't apply to Mr. McCain. Since he was born in what used to be called "The Canal Zone" the constitution must be interpreted so that "The Canal Zone" qualifies as being part of the United States.

Well may I refer to no less an expert as Supreme Court Justice Atnonin Scalia? Justice Scalia adheres to the philosophy of "orginalism," which means the Constitution must be interpreted based on what it originally meant to the people who ratified it over 200 years ago.

So what did "The Canal Zone" mean to the ratifiers of 1788?


Because there was no Panama Canal in 1788. There wasn't even an Erie Canal, for that matter.

So, I'm sorry Señor McCain. When it come to a Panamanian being elected President of the United States I have just one thing to say.

¡No se puede!


Reseda Doug said...

Are you DARING to set yourself up as a greater expert on the intentions of the Ratifiers of 1788 than John McCain?

May I you remind you that he was one of them!

Reseda Doug said...

So is the fact that McSame was born in Central America the reason he's currently campaigning in South America? Does the doddering old fool think that ALL the Americas vote for United States President?

Just asking. You'd think he'd use the time to campaign in front of people who vote in the election.
McSame, Making "Change" the same old way. (Well, to be fair, having a President who was born in a forgeign country WOULD be a change.)