Friday, April 22

The Clairvoyant Film

Last night I saw the kind of film I call The Clairvoyant Film. This is a film where the people watching have the uncanny ability to predict what is going to happen.

Sometimes this is after-the-fact clairvoyance, as in "I knew he was the killer", and sometimes it is precognitive clairvoyance, as in "it's going to turn out she's pregnant" or "that's not really his brother". Other times it is just common sense clairvoyance. When Agent Jack Bauer and Agent Joe Schmo go after the terrorists, you know Agent Schmo better have his life insurance paid up.

The film my wife and I saw last night was a particularly egregious example of The Clairvoyant Film. People in the audience were actually shouting out predictions: “Her mother will never let her marry him”, “She kept those letters, I know she did”, “They’ll both be dead in the morning”.

As we were leaving the theater my wife turned and said to me, "Well, there's twenty bucks down the drain."

I knew she was going to say that.

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blogblogblog said...

You're going to dog a film that badly and not save us the $20 by telling us the name of it?