Thursday, April 28

Re: The Clairvoyant Film

In commenting on my recent post The Clairvoyant Film eponymous blogger blogblogblog had this to say:

“You're going to dog a film that badly and not save us the $20 by telling us the name of it?”

Well, blog3, yes, I am and no, I'm not.

I'm reluctant to lead you to avoid a film that, for all I know, you might like. You might feel it was $20 well spent. Who am I to say?

My Aunt Peg, for example, loves this kind of movie. She’ll happily sit there and predict scene after scene and then say how much she enjoyed it. I, being cynical and jaded, find such a movie to be an object of derision and mockery. But that's just me.

Then I have the utter gall to put my views on the Internet where they will be exposed to millions, even billions, of people - and not even reveal the name of the film.

What kind of a sick bastard am I?

Full disclosure: On that millions and billions thing - okay, right now my blog hit-count is 81, but who knows what might happen?

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