Thursday, April 14

Dressing for Rod

I’m going to a Rod Stewart concert and I’m having trouble deciding what to wear. Do I dress for the recent “As Time Goes By” Rod (tight pants, loose tie, coat thrown over the shoulder); the “Hot Legs” Rod (tight pants, silk shirt, fringed scarf); or the “Maggie May” Rod (tight pants, book-bag, tardy slip)?

I can remember having the same issues back in the Do-Your-Own-Thing-Sixties, not knowing how to dress for The Kinks or Crosby, Stills and Nash. Back then Do-Your-Own-Thing meant Find-Out-What-Everyone-Else-Is-Wearing (tie-die shirt, bell bottom jeans, Beatle boots). I claimed to be a non-conformist, but really I just wanted to impress the chicks.

In a lot of ways I’m probably more of a non-conformist in my Fifties than I was in my Twenties. I’ve certainly given up on being “cool” any time soon. I'm not a rebel. Occasionally I have a cause. I like golf. I drive a Buick.

And I can afford to pay $200 to see Rod Stewart. That’s $100 for me and $100 for my chick.


A.J. said...

hope you had fun last night... try to have a nice day when u get this message

Lizinsr said...

So was Rod great? I saw him last year & it was true fun.