Tuesday, April 19

Rod Stewart

Those of you who read my post Dressing for Rod know that I went the a Rod Stewart concert a few nights ago. Loyal reader Lizinsr asks "So was Rod great?"

Well, Lizinsr, it was just the best concert I've ever seen. He sang the old songs, and then he sang the real old songs. He started with "Forever Young" while pictures of the young Rod flashed behind him, then went into "I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger" and that set the tone. He went through a good portion of his 70's and 80's catalog and just rocked the place. His band sounded great and the backup singers, saxaphone player, and violinist were outstanding.

After intermission he did several selections from the recent American Songbook collection, but not too many, maybe 7 or 8. That was great, but I was happy when I saw the guitar players put down their jazz acoustics and pick up their rockin' electrics, and when the violinist grabbed a mandolin and struck the opening of Maggie May the place went crazy. He closed with several more newer old songs and at the end we were all on our feet jumping for the soccer balls (autographed, it turned out) that he kicked into the audience.

It was a great, great concert. Thanks for asking, Lizinsr.

Now I see Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones will be touring in the fall. Hey, if we can get Peter and Gordon and the Dave Clark Five out there too, then we'll really have something

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