Sunday, April 17

Help Desk

The other day I had to call the help desk of my cell phone manufacturer because of a technical glitch I was having.

A young man with the musical accent of South Asia came on the line. "Hello, this is Rick. How can I help you?" To my shame I must admit he didn't much sound like a "Rick". Maybe a "Sanjay" or “Mammooty”, but not a "Rick".

I explained my problem and he was very helpful, giving me detailed instructions on how to reset my ringer, which I had accidentally turned off. “Do not feel badly. This happens with great frequency”, he said patiently.

“Well, thank you ‘Rick’”, I chuckled.

“Why do you laugh at my name?” He sounded offended.

“Sorry. It’s just that with that accent, you don’t sound like a ‘Rick’”. I tried to put a wink in my voice.

He didn’t seem to hear my wink. “Well, sir…” he began angrily, suddenly changing his accent to that of a Louisiana senator “… if ah talked lahk this would y’all feel bettuh!”

“No, of course not.” I was flustered. “I, I, I believe all men are created equal, regardless of color, creed, or condition of linguistical inflection.”

He returned to his original tone. “I do not believe ‘linguistical’ is a word, sir.”

“Yes, well, thank you, Rick” (no wink or chuckle this time). “You’ve been really helpful”.

“It was nothing, sir. And remember, if you have any more problems…Y’all come back now, y’hear.”

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